Our partnerships Strong connections to the Swiss economy

Our partnerships with well-known associations, networks and platforms are an expression of our commitment to the Swiss economy. Thanks to these relationships, we gain valuable information on future developments and requirements, which all Swiss SMEs can benefit from.

Our partners

Swiss Innovation Forum

The aim of the Swiss Innovation Forum is to promote Switzerland as a center of innovation. The conference in Basel focuses on innovation, creativity, technology and design, and features top national and international speakers and experts. During the event, the Swiss Technology Award is presented in three categories: "Inventors", "Start-ups" and "Sustainability Leaders".

Swiss Technology Awards

The Swiss Technology Award is presented in three categories: "Inventors", "Start-ups" and "Sustainability Leaders". The award ceremony takes place during Switzerland's leading innovation event, the Swiss Innovation Forum. The competition is open to innovative companies, including those with technology-based developments in the area of sustainability; business and industry start-ups; and projects at colleges, institutes of technology, universities, and research institutions.

The most recent Swiss Technology Awards were presented at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2014 on November 20, 2014. The winners were: Neurogyn in the Inventors category, Aeon Scientific in the Start-up category, and Cendres+Métaux in the Sustainability Leader category.

Swiss Economic Forum

We believe in the maxim: "Good for business" and support Swiss companies working to achieve long-term growth.

Switzerland's most prestigious prize for young entrepreneurs is awarded in three categories: High-tech/Biotech, Manufacturing/Trade, and Services.

"Powerpreneur" is a distinguished and exclusive Swiss CEO network that we’re involved with as an exclusive partner.

The objective of this project partnership between the Swiss Economic Forum and UBS is to support SMEs during their growth phase.


UBS provides both financial and human resources to boost the successful development of innovative young entrepreneurs who receive professional support from GENILEM following GENILEM’s selection process.

Prix Sommet

The "Prix Sommet" honors Valais-based companies and entrepreneurs. Prize money of CHF 10,000 is awarded annually by UBS together with the Valais-based daily newspapers "Nouvelliste" and "Walliser Bote".

Swiss export

Active since 1973, swiss export is now the largest private-sector organization promoting Swiss SME exports. As an important center of expertise and service, swiss export contributes in many different areas to improving the competitiveness of, and the conditions for, internationally active companies. Among the ways it does this are specialist events (e.g. swiss export Day, PME/SME Forum), training courses and seminars, knowledge transfer via publications such as the "swiss export journal", export consulting, and supporting networking between export-oriented companies. As main partner, UBS has a close and longstanding partnership with swiss export. We are training partners in the area of Trade & Export Finance, sit on the management board, and regularly publish specialist articles in the "swiss export journal".

Technopark Zurich

UBS supports Technopark Zurich in order to strengthen Switzerland's most important innovation park and its Alliance partners in Lugano, Lucerne, Schlieren, Windisch, and Winterthur. We assist the advisory committee with both human and financial resources. This offers access for selected tenants of the Technopark Alliance to specific knowledge, coaching, and a wide-reaching network. Our support reflects our aim of promoting innovation as an integral part of long-term value creation.


"Venture" is a nationwide competition for business ideas and plans held every two years since 1998. It helps young entrepreneurs in Switzerland to establish companies, and thus promotes young entrepreneurship and the use of untapped innovation potential. The "Venture" competition is supported by numerous Swiss companies, including UBS.

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