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“UBS Impulse for SMEs” is aimed at the owners and decision-makers of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland. The magazine is published several times a year. It offers interesting information, company portraits, and analyses, and also presents new products and services. The e-newsletter, which is issued six times a year, contains additional information as well as attractive offers from UBS. The magazine and e-newsletter are published in German, French and Italian.

UBS impulse magazine for companies

UBS Impulse for companies

Digitization not only brings advantages: it also creates new risks, such as cybercrime. Every business must protect itself against this growing threat. We provide tips for greater security when surfing and exchanging emails. Plus: Outsourcing is more than a mere cost-cutting exercise – strategy and timing are decisive factors. Christine Novakovic talks with two entrepreneurs about their experiences with relocating production abroad.

The magazine is only available in German, French and Italian.

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