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“UBS Impulse for SMEs” is aimed at the owners and decision-makers of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland. The magazine is published several times a year. It offers interesting information, company portraits, and analyses, and also presents new products and services. The e-newsletter, which is issued six times a year, contains additional information as well as attractive offers from UBS. The magazine and e-newsletter are published in German, French and Italian.

UBS impulse magazine for companies

UBS Impulse for companies

For many years, it was assumed that a respectable family business offered security across the generations. But times have changed. Fewer and fewer children want to take over the parental firm. In our feature article, succession expert Frank Halter explains why this is – and presents some alternatives. In the interview with our Head of Direct Investments, you will discover how start-ups gain access to external sources of capital, thanks to the intervention of UBS, enabling them finance their growth.

The magazine is only available in German, French and Italian.

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