Energy check-up Increase your energy efficiency and reduce your operating costs

The SME model of the Energy Agency for Business (EnAW) helps you identify valuable potential energy savings at your company. EnAW experts will analyze your SME and show you how and where you can reduce your energy costs. UBS will support your participation in this EnAW scheme through financial contributions.


The EnAW offering

EnAW's "SME model" offers energy management that gives you individual advice, optimized energy consumption, and lower energy costs - with very little effort. The model is aimed at SMEs without their own energy officers and that emit less than 1,500 tonnes of CO2 a year and have energy costs above CHF 20,000 a year. For large users with annual costs of CHF 500,000 and more, EnAW offers its "energy model."

How we help your company

We return the redistributed CO2 incentive tax to our clients. If you participate in the EnAW model and increase your energy efficiency, we will pay half your first annual fee for participating in the EnAW model (contribution up to CHF 4,000) as a one-off.

Sign up and get the rewards

  1. Sign up on the EnAW website.
  2. Send us a copy by mail of your first EnAW annual invoice together with the UBS registration form in order to receive our contribution.

This offer is open to all UBS corporate clients. Requirements: the location of the energy check-up must be in Switzerland; no business sites of major companies or public sector organizations. UBS corporate clients who registered for the EnAW "SME model" before 2013 will not receive any retroactive contributions towards the costs of the EnAW energy check-up. First-time participants in the "Energy model" from 2013 will receive the same support from the bank as participants in the "SME model." We will pay contributions towards the cost of the check-up until the subsidies we have allocated to this promotion have been used up.

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