Payment software Change in payment transactions to ISO 20022 – does your software meet the newest standard?

By 2020, Swiss payment transactions will be converted to the ISO 20022 standard. For this to work smoothly in your company, you need a payment software that meets the new standard.

How to check your software

Migration to ISO 20022 has an impact on payment transaction processes. Find out more about the conversion status of different software manufacturers under “Overview Status of Software Products.”

Detailed information on supported formats and channels offered by the individual software products are available in the summary “Factsheets about Software Products.”

The documents are updated regularly. All information is provided by the software partners – we therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.

For software manufacturers

Does your product already meet the ISO 20022 standard but isn’t yet listed with us? Or does the product now support other formats and channels? If so, please use the contact form to inform us of this.

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