The new QR-bill Red and orange payment slips will soon be a thing of the past

The new QR-bill will simplify your invoicing from the 30th of June 2020. You’ll no longer have to print your invoices on special forms. Paying will be easier for your clients. Because bills with a QR code can be scanned digitally.

The QR-bill at a glance


You no longer need payment slips. You can print QR-bills yourself – on any printer or headed paper.


All the information needed for the payment is included in the QR code. Full details are also listed to the right of the code.


Your clients can make their payments directly by smartphone – or they can opt for the familiar e-banking, post office counter, or postal routes.

Code and payment information on the QR-bill


The benefits of QR-billing

For billers

  • Simplified billing – including across Europe and in euros, thanks to the IBAN format
  • Efficient management of outstanding receivables thanks to electronic control
  • Direct notification of incoming payments (individual or collective bookings)

For bill payers

  • Faster and more convenient payments, as the payment details can be scanned and confirmed by smartphone
  • Error-free, as reference numbers and amounts due no longer have to be entered manually

How to switch to QR billing

As a biller:

QR-bills will be available to you from the 30th of June 2020.

Are you already digitally aligning your ESR bills with the v11 report today? If so, you need to switch to one of the two new ISO 20022 reports before you can send out your first QR report:

  • camt.053: account statement with internal collective booking details, or
  • camt.054: separate collective booking details

As a bill payer:

Do you use payment software? If so, please update it to the new ISO 20022 standard. Your software must be able to process QR-bills from the introduction date. Payment of QR-bills in UBS e-banking will be possible from the 30th of June 2020.

Schedule for switching to QR-billing

Schedule for switching to QR-billing

For questions about software, please contact your software partner. Further information about QR-billing is available here:

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