The new account reports Automate and simplify your account transaction processes

Things will now be even easier for you: With our new electronic account report meeting the ISO 20022 standard, you can process your account transactions fully automatically.

Your benefits at a glance

Fully automated

You receive account transactions electronically straight away – for automated account reconciliation and your cash management.


No changing of media and with few interactions: with the ISO 20022 account reports, you can continuously process information.


The harmonized structure of the data and automated processes greatly simplify reconciliation with your accounting.

What will change?

ISO 20022 corresponds to the regulatory provisions of the account information reports that you receive from your bank. Furthermore, ISO 20022 allows for the continuous processing of transactions. In future, UBS therefore also offers electronic account reports in this standard:

The new XML reporting types (XML = Extensible Markup Language, text file format) add to the current digital account information in SWIFT form (MT940, MT942, MT900, MT910) as well as notifications for direct debits (LSV file type 3) and ESR (ESR file v11).

In future, the following XML reporting types can be used:

  • For account reports MT942: camt.052
  • For account statements MT940: camt.053
  • For direct debit notifications (type 3):
    camt.053 (with internal collective booking details)
    camt.054 (as external or separate collective booking details)
  • For the credit notification of ESR (v11) and QR bills:
    camt.053 (with internal collective booking details)
    camt.054 (as external or separate collective booking details)
  • For credit / debit note MT910, MT900: camt.054 (as credit / debit note)

How do you switch?

For the switch to work smoothly in your company, you need a payment software that meets the new standard. Please contact your software partner to do this.

We are happy to assist you in any other questions about the switch. You will find contact options and the end of this page.

Account reports in the new XML format:

UBS has been involved in the international ISO 20022 standardization from the beginning. Thanks to this, UBS clients have been able to access their account reports in XML format (camt) since 2013. UBS is progressively rolling out the XML reporting types mentioned above in the following channels:

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