The new transfer procedure Making your payments is now even simpler and more secure

Shorten the path of your payment transactions: The new transfer procedure automates payment processes even more. You can process your translations even more simply and relieve the burden on your IT budget. The new solution is based on the ISO 20022 international standard.

Your benefits at a glance


You can complete payment of your bills even faster. Because you can now process transactions even more simply and efficiently.


Payment orders are validated in a standardized procedure. You're constantly informed about the status of your orders.

Low cost

Standardized order and status messages simplify your software solutions. So you can reduce your IT efforts and costs.

What will change for you?

  • The payment transfer formats used by banks (DTA) and PostFinance (EZAG, EGA, ESR) will be replaced.
  • You will transmit your payment orders in the future in the ISO 20022 standard, using the XML message type pain.001 001 (domestic payments, SEPA abroad) (Customer Credit Transfer Initiation)
  • Status Report pain.002 will inform you about the current status of your payment orders 
  • Payments within Switzerland will now only be made using an IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

Transfers in the new standard

As a UBS client, you can already use the new transfer procedure and transmit your orders in ISO 20022 (pain.001). Get your payment transactions up to date if you haven't made the change yet. The following channels are available to you:

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