eBill Payments made faster and easier for companies


Complete digital billing process


You save time, paper and money


Bills reach your clients more rapidly

Benefits for billers

With eBill, you send your bills directly to the e-banking systems of your clients. Reliable, secure and transparent.

  • Secure: Only trusted bills – no phishing
  • Full control: You decide on the payment of your bills
  • Widespread availability: Swiss banks, many large companies, SMEs and public agencies offer eBill

Benefits for bill payers

With eBill, you can receive, check and pay your bills directly in e-banking and the UBS Mobile Banking app.

  • Notification pushed by the Mobile Banking app, SMS or e-mail or in e-banking
  • Easy to add frequent billers
  • Pay quickly without typing  

Ask questions about eBill

Corporate Banking Client Management is available to answer your questions and put you in touch with our cash management specialists.

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