E-billing Easy and fast payment solutions for businesses

Send your bills electronically via e-bill and make your payment transactions even easier and quicker. Use this efficient and cost-saving billing process and avoid switching media.

How you benefit with e-billing

  • You can create, send and receive bills completely electronically
  • You save time, paper and money
  • You do not longer need payment slips
  • You help to protect the environment
  • You can take care of your payments both quickly and easily

For invoicing parties – E-billing in the overview

E-billing lets you send your bills directly to your clients' e-banking accounts. Our partner SIX Paynet AG offers a variety of connectivity options that let you set up e-billing for your clients very quickly. For more information, go to SIX Paynet AG.

The solution for SMEs: the "E-Bill Starter Package with Paynet Upload"

This starter package offered by our partner SIX Paynet AG is an innovative and cost-effective complete solution for e-billing, ideal for those new to electronic invoicing. The package includes everything you need to send electronic bills to your private and business clients. Its scope, function and price model are designed specifically to meet the needs of SMEs.

Invoice recipients – E-billing in the overview

E-billing makes your payments even easier. Receive, review and pay your bills directly online or using the UBS Mobile Banking app. There’s no more manual typing in of the reference number, amount, or account to be credited when paying an e-bill. So you can avoid mistakes and save time and paper.

Ask us about e-billing

UBS Client Management Corporations will be glad to answer your questions and put you in touch with our cash management specialists. Call us at +41 (0) 844 853 002 or arrange an appointment.

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