Cash reporting Transparency for your decisions

Do you want to be kept up-to-date on your account balances and transactions at all times? We offer a wide range of cash reporting options you can use to access comprehensive account information online. This means you can also view transaction details on intraday bookings, and stay informed at all times about your positions.

How you benefit with our cash reporting solutions

  • Comprehensive account information available online, including account balances and transactions
  • Up-to-date transaction details on bookings and positions always available
  • Wide range of electronic reporting messages

Cash reporting in SWIFT format at a glance

Messages in SWIFT format keep you constantly informed of your account balances and completed and pending transactions.

The following products are available:

Account statement (end of day)


Account report (intraday)
Balance notification (intraday)


Credit and debit advice


Cash reporting in ISO format at a glance

For even more efficient cash management reporting, UBS has supported "camt" messages (ISO 20022 XML standard for cash management) since 2012. These messages allow "straight-through processing" of XML-based payment orders. They’re also an ideal way to present account information in a structured manner.

We currently offer the following products:

Account statement (end of day)


Account report (intraday)


Collective booking details
Credit and debit notes


Ask us about cash reporting

All these services can be integrated into your existing system environment. UBS Client Management Corporations will be glad to answer your questions and put you in touch with our cash management specialists. Call us at +41 (0) 844 853 002 or arrange an appointment.

Services for cash reporting

E-documents for companies

With e-documents you receive bank documents electronically and give you several advantage. It provides you a faster availability, opportunities for process optimization and a legally compliant electronic archiving.

Overviews of your assets
The channels UBS KeyLink, UBS KeyDirect and UBSMultibanking give you a complete overview of your assets at all times:

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