Cash pooling Customized liquidity management

Looking to manage the cash reserves within your business more efficiently? We support large companies with tailor-made cash pooling solutions for optimal liquidity management and maximized interest income.

How you benefit with our cash pooling solutions

  • Solutions tailored to your individual requirements
  • Less manual effort required for daily cash management
  • Reduced excess cash deposits, optimized working capital
  • Easier FX-, financing and investment management, as cash is concentrated with the pool leader

Cash pooling overview

Physical cash pooling lets you centralize your cash reserves across your various companies throughout Switzerland. An automated account transfer takes place between the accounts of the pool leader and the rest of the pool participants. This is based on the criteria you specify, including amount, target balance, and periodicity.

We offer different versions of physical cash pooling:

Cash Transfer Service

Our cash transfer service helps you manage your liquidity and enables bookings to be made between participating accounts. The target balances and effective dates can be adjusted individually, and you can also combine the cash transfer service with interest rate solutions.

Zero Balancing Pooling

Physical cash pooling with the aim that the participant accounts have a zero value date balance at the end of each day and that all liquid funds in each currency are physically concentrated in one account.

Notional cash pooling solutions let you optimize the interest income on your cash reserves across multiple accounts. This is achieved by pooling account balances in the same currency to form a netted pool position that accrues interest, without the need for physical account transfers. As a result, a notional total balance is calculated for the pool leader based on the balances of all pool participant accounts.

Ask us about cash pooling

UBS Client Management Corporations will be glad to answer your questions and put you in touch with our cash management specialists. Call us at +41 (0) 844 853 004 or arrange an appointment.

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