Current account The basis for your business

The UBS Business Current Account is the basis for your daily banking operations as well as for unusual or one-off transactions. This account is for all your payments, including all transactions and your company's investments. You have access to your credit balance at all times.

The benefits of a Business Current Account

  • Transparency and an overview of all transactions
  • Flexible account maintenance: based on a credit balance or a UBS overdraft facility
  • Access to other UBS services, such as payment services or credit cards

Business Current Account at a glance


CHF, EUR, USD and all tradable foreign currencies


Current interest rates and interest payment limits


Account maintenance CHF 20 per quarter
All further conditions and prices are in the price list


No minimum amount

Open a Business Current Account online

Is your company already a UBS client? If so, you can open additional current accounts in CHF, EUR, and other tradable foreign currencies quickly and easily in UBS E-Banking. If you are a new client, simply request an advisory consultation. If you have any questions please contact us.

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