UBS helps you choose

Looking for an investment that offers a high return over the long term in addition to earnings participation/dividends?
Equities are the answer.

Equities are securities representing a portion of a public limited company's share capital. They confer membership rights such as the right to vote at a company's AGM and financial rights such as the right to a share in the company's earnings and to a proportional participation in capital increases or liquidation proceeds.

Enjoy their attractive benefits:

  • Higher returns over the longer term

  • The right to vote and elect at the AGM

  • Earnings participation in the form of a variable dividend

  • Subscription rights in the event of capital increases

  • Can generally be sold at any time and, in the case of listed stocks, are highly liquid

Our investment advisors will be happy to help you choose the equities that are right for you and provide you with information about the costs involved.