Custody account

If you attach importance to the secure custody and efficient management of your securities, then a UBS custody account is the ideal solution for you.

The bank takes on the following responsibilities for you:

  • UBS performs custodian services for all types of securities for you.
  • Income will be immediately deposited to your account and you automatically receive an easy-to-read statement of interest, dividends and payments.
  • Based on your instructions, we will purchase securities for you in capital increases, exercise options or convertible rights, handle stock splits, dividends, bonus share issues and other similar activities.
  • Upon request, we will be glad to procure for you entry and voting tickets. We will also act as proxy for you at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders.
  • You can also request at any time an account or custody account statement showing clearly the account's current value. If you would like to stay informed about your account round the clock, we suggest you use our e-banking service.

Your advantages:

  • Your securities are protected from loss, theft, damage or destruction.
  • All the work involved in handling securities transactions is taken care of.
  • You will receive important information and documentation on corporate actions in a timely fashion.
  • Your orders will be carefully monitored.
  • In addition to the benefits of a custody account, you can also take advantage of other UBS services, such as professional investment and financial advice or collateral loans.

To obtain a UBS custody account, you must first open a UBS account.