Let us help you choose

Looking for a long-term investment in securities with low risk? Bonds are the answer.

A bond, or debenture, is a debt security issued by a government body or a private company. Bonds are long-term, fractional debt securities that are issued in rounded amounts and have predetermined conditions for paying interest and repaying the principal.

Enjoy their attractive benefits:

  • Fixed interest for the entire term to maturity, regardless of market trends

  • Less price volatility than equities and thus more stable returns

  • Repayment in accordance with the terms of the bond, usually at face value

  • Liquid market thanks to different denominations

  • Wide range of first-class borrowers and national, international and supranational levels

  • Diverse, efficient secondary market for quality paper

  • Can be used as collateral

Our investment advisors will be happy to help you choose the bonds that are right for you and provide you with information about the costs involved.