Leasing capital goods

With UBS Leasing you can finance your business investments without tying up your capital. The process is quick, hassle-free and to your benefit, allowing you to procure exactly what you need when it makes the best business sense to do so. Your capital remains free for business investments that cannot be leased.

Leased objects Mobile capital goods such as commercial vehicles, production lines, medical equipment, tools, printers, or construction equipment
Amount From CHF 20,000
Currency CHF, EUR, USD
Term Minimum 24 months
Leasing installment
  • Comprises an interest portion and a repayment portion
  • Can be on a straight-line, seasonal or declining-balance basis
Residual value Usually 0.5% of the purchase price
  • Flexibility in choosing when the lease begins
  • Hedging of currency and interest rate risks
  • Framework agreements can simplify the process even more
  • You boost your financial security
  • You gain entrepreneurial flexibility
  • You enjoy a price advantage
  • You can make projections on the basis of fixed costs
Details Brochure (PDF, 3 MB) (in German)