UBS Leasing gives you greater entrepreneurial freedom.

The more dynamic the economic environment, the more important it becomes to make sure your company is flexible. Leasing is becoming increasingly important, especially when the aim is to achieve long-term, stable and inexpensive financing while at the same time remaining flexible in order to exploit growth opportunities.

Your benefits at a glance

  • You boost your financial security, as leasing is the most stable type of financing over the long term.
  • You gain entrepreneurial flexibility, as you don't have to dip into other sources of financing, which remain as reserves.
  • You enjoy a price advantage, as the object you are leasing is taken into consideration when calculating interest.
  • You can make calculations on the basis of fixed costs, as the leasing payments are known in advance and do not change over the duration of the agreement.

Leasing capital goods

Inexpensive financing for mobile capital goods in a way that preserves your liquidity


The uncomplicated prefinancing of receivables from nonterminable rental or leasing agreements for capital goods

Corporate Aircraft Finance