Software Partner
Software and solutions with interfaces to UBS

UBS maintains relationships with software partners offering support with a variety of applications. A relationship with UBS is conditional upon the software having a direct interface for UBS KeyDirect or to UBS KeyGate. In the interests of helping you make the best selection, we have sub-divided the options on offer as follows:

Payment solutions (PDF, 182 KB) (in German)
These solutions act as an interface between existing ERP or financial accounting systems and UBS for the purpose of transmitting payment orders (singly or in files) to UBS and reports (BESR acknowledgements, credit or debit advices, account statements) in the opposite direction. They can also be used to enter payment orders.

ERP and financial accounting (PDF, 182 KB)  (in German)
These include systems illustrating all business transactions and operational planning, or, specifically, the financial accounts.

Cash management and treasury (PDF, 182 KB) (in German)
This category includes systems for managing liquidity, for the monitoring of financial liabilities and the efficient use of financial resources.

E-documents via UBS KeyGate (PDF, 182 KB) (in German)
E-documents enable UBS to provide electronic versions of the receipts and vouchers required for its business activities. These documents bear digital signatures and can, by means of the archive solutions listed, be archived in accordance with the VAT authorities' regulations, i.e. the Federal Department of Finance's ordinance (EIDI-V) of 30 January 2002 on electronic data and information.

UBS e-banking: