UBS e-banking - the most flexible connection to your bank

Also for enterprises it was never as simple as with UBS e-banking to make payments - wherever you are and around the clock. Data is encoded according to high security standards and can be called up only with individual security features.



  • Execution and management of payments and standing orders in Switzerland and abroad as well as account transfers

  • E-bill: The most convenient way to pay your bills

  • Call up information on accounts


Major advantages

  • Low-cost payment service

  • Payments in euro to payees in EU/EEA countries are as cheap as domestic payments thanks to SEPA (single euro payments area)

  • UBS e-banking helps you to pick the cheapest order type when entering international payments

  • Receive, check and pay your bills electronically in UBS e-banking with e-bill business – and of course it is all done in line with legal VAT and accounting requirements

  • Overview of pending and executed payments

  • Flexible, simple and independent of location

  • Available around the clock

  • Convenient order entry with one of the many payment slip readers available on the market (automatic copy of the reference line)


  • Account with UBS

  • UBS e-banking agreement

  • Computer with standard operating system, recommended browser version and Internet access

  • To use e-bill business: an agreement with SIX Payment Services AG

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