Cash Movement
Managing your cash flow

You want an efficient system of incoming and outgoing payments as part of your cash management. We help you achieve optimal processing through a comprehensive range of products and services for your domestic and international bank accounts.

Basic offering Switzerland, Europe, and the world

Outgoing payments
You can transmit your individual and collective orders, standing orders and salary payments to us in a variety of formats using the following electronic channels:

UBS e-banking
The ideal means of simple and secure access to the bank.

UBS KeyDirect
The integrated solution for medium-sized and large companies with strict comfort and flexibility requirements.

UBS KeyLink
The ideal solution for your professional needs in global cash management and FX trade.

Incoming payments
When you want a convenient, reliable and secure way to collect receivables:

UBS BESR (PDF, 152 KB) / UBS BESR handbook (PDF, 486 KB)
Invoicing and payment control with a paying-in slip.

Collection of regular receivables with payers that do not change (business to consumer with right of revocation / business to business without right of revocation).

Bill your clients directly in e-banking.

UBS Daily Cash Deposit
Deposit bank notes directly in your store

When consolidating your liquidity, we provide flexible solutions tailored to the requirements of your group companies (physical cash pooling, automatic liquidity management, UBS Gateway Accounts). Services for interest rate optimization can augment these solutions.

Supplementary offering for your European business relationships

Euro payment transactions are one of UBS's core competences. UBS offers simple and flexible solutions for your cost-efficient cash management:

SEPA transfers (SEPA Credit Transfer)
Euro payments abroad – as economical as domestic payments, thanks to SEPA.

SEPA Direct Debit (SEPA Direct Debit)
Receive payments in Europe as well.

Supplementary offering for your global business relationships

Take advantage of the solutions we offer for managing and consolidating your regional bank accounts around the world.

UBS Multibanking Services
For international payment transactions with more than 350 partner banks.

UBS SWIFT for Corporates
The direct access to your UBS accounts via the SWIFT network.

UBS international payment transactions
An overview of products, prices, cut-off times and current topics.

UBS KeyLink-Liquidity Management (PDF, 117 KB)
Multibanking Cash Collection the easy way.

All services can be integrated into your existing system environment as needed. We have experts near you ready to show you all the possibilities.

In addition to these electronic products for incoming and outgoing payments, our service portfolio also includes form-based products.