UBS Business Traveler Plus
Increased security while traveling

Do you often travel abroad on business and would you like to have better insurance coverage? Do you often rent cars for greater mobility on business trips? And do you frequently drive to the airport in your own car? Then "UBS Business Traveler Plus" is for you. For an annual fee, this extra offer provides solid benefits.

The most important benefits and conditions

  UBS Visa Corporate Card Classic UBS Visa Corporate Card Gold

Additional costs per card

CHF 58 / EUR 46 / USD 58


Maximum sum insured

Maximum sum insured

Travel and aviation accident
- Death/disability CHF 600,000 CHF 900,000
- Transportation/rescue costs CHF 60,000 CHF 60,000
Travel delays (min 4hrs.)
per event CHF 1,000

Loss or delayed arrival of luggage

- per event CHF 2,000 CHF 3,000
- per year CHF 12,000 CHF 12,000

Loss of cash (theft)

per event CHF 1,000 CHF 2,000
Document replacement
per event CHF 2,000
Costs for lawyer and court (travel)
per event CHF 5,000
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
per event CHF 10,000
Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)
per event CHF 10,000
Corporate Liability Waiver (CLW)
- per event CHF 25,000
- per year CHF 1,650,000

Cancellation costs

per event CHF 2,000 CHF 4,000

Costs for medical treatment abroad

per event CHF 100,000 CHF 200,000

Travel third-party liability

per event - CHF 1,000,000

24-hour assistance
Assistance in emergencies abroad

Phone +41 44 723-44-88
Services offered without assumption of costs:

  • Travel Hotline
  • Determining state of health
  • Arranging for repatriation in an emergency
  • Arranging for legal counsel
  • Arranging for other non-medical assistance

Insurance cover exists if the UBS Visa Corporate Card was used to pay for the trip. If the Buyer's Card is used for payment, the traveler must be in possession of a UBS Visa Corporate Card for the insurance benefits to apply. The maximum sum insured differs depending on whether the card is a Classic Card or Gold Card.

Airport Valet Parking

Frequent fliers who drive themselves to the airport will find this supplemental benefit especially attractive: rather than losing valuable time looking for a parking space, you can simply leave your car at a designated parking space at check-in and drop your keys at the Europcar valet parking desk. Just pick up your key at the same desk upon your return; your car will be parked on a reserved Europcar parking lot. And to think that you get all of this service for no more than the normal parking fee! But that's not all: if you park your car for more than 48 hours, it will be washed for you free of charge!

Apply for "UBS Business Traveler Plus"

Application form for existing UBS Visa Business Card or UBS Visa Corporate Card cardholders