UBS Visa Corporate Card
Your benefits in detail

UBS Cards Online portal for the cardholder

The UBS Cards Online portal provides cardholders with a detailed overview of their expense transactions, including any remaining credit, anytime, anywhere.

UBS Commercial Cards Online portal for the company

The UBS Commercial Cards Online portal allows you to access all credit card transactions executed by your employees, carry out evaluations, check available main account and credit card limits as well as order additional services – all this simply and securely using the Access Card and card reader (similar to UBS e-banking).

Spending bonus system

CHF 100 (EUR 65 / USD 85) for every CHF 12 000 (EUR 7 500 / USD 10 000) spent per year. Maximum bonus: payment of the annual card fees.

Processing fee for foreign currencies

Foreign currency conversions are based on the lowest UBS "sell" exchange rate. UBS charges a processing fee for foreign currency conversions.

Priority Pass (for Gold card only)

Access to over 600 airport lounges around the world. The first four visits are free of charge, then each subsequent visit is charged to your UBS Visa Corporate Card Gold (Gold Card only).

Basic insurance benefits

  UBS Visa Corporate Card Classic (maximum sum insured) UBS Visa Corporate Card Gold (maximum sum insured
Travel and aviation accident
- Death/disability CHF 300,000 CHF 600,000
-Transportation/rescue costs CHF 60,000 CHF 60,000
Travel delays
per event CHF 500  
Loss or delayed arrival of luggage
- per event CHF 1,000 CHF 1,500
- per year CHF 6,000 CHF 6,000
Loss of cash (theft)
per event - CHF 1,000
Document replacement
per event CHF 1,000  
Costs for lawyer and court (travel)
per event CHF 2,500  
Corporate Liability Waiver (CLW)
- per event CHF 25,000  
- per year CHF 1,650,000  
Cancellation costs
per event - CHF 2,000
Costs of medical treatment abroad
per event - CHF 100,000
Travel third-party liability
per event - CHF 1,000,000
24-hour assistance
Assistance in emergencies abroad

Phone +41-44-723 44 88
Services offered without assumption of costs:

  • Travel Hotline
  • Determining state of health
  • Arranging for repatriation in an emergency
  • Arranging for legal counsel
  • Arranging for other non-medical assistance                                           

Insurance cover exists if the UBS VISA Corporate Card was used to pay for the trip. If the Buyer's Card is used for payment, the traveler must be in possession of a UBS VISA Corporate Card for the insurance benefits to apply. The maximum sum insured differs depending on whether the card is a Classic Card or Gold Card.


UBS Business Traveler Plus (optional insurance package)

Do you often travel abroad on business and would you like to have better insurance coverage? Do you often rent cars for greater mobility on business trips? And do you frequently drive to the airport in your own car? Then "UBS Business Traveler Plus" is for you. For an annual fee, this extra offer provides solid benefits.

Settlement in EUR or USD

Account maintenance and settlement (individual statement) are available on request in EUR or USD, so you can avoid currency conversions and exchange-rate losses.

Company logo

Company logo on the front of the card (in black, red, blue, green) to promote your corporate identity (for a fee).

Electronic data provision

You additionally receive all available invoicing data in "raw", unformatted form for further processing on your own system.

Payment deadlines

25 days after the invoice date

Flexible invoicing system

If required, we can provide you with a pre-prepared expenses form, together with the following services:

AirPlus Company Account

The AirPlus Company Account is a lodged card, used to settle all of your air travel tickets and other travel agency services. The account can also be lodged in your online booking system and use it to pay directly. All information on your account is available online, so you can keep on top of your payments.