UBS Visa Corporate Card
Efficient expenses management

UBS VISA Corporate Cards

With the UBS Visa Corporate Card, it is much easier to manage your company's expenses. Thanks to this card, you no longer need to make cash payments and advance payments, and you will reduce your administrative expenditure. Naturally we will adapt billing arrangements to meet your company's needs. Choose the optional AirPlus Company Account as an ideal complement to your card to make your travel management even more efficient.

The UBS Visa Corporate Card services are tailored to the needs of medium-sized to multinational companies that require at least 5 credit cards or that have an expenses volume of over 50,000 Swiss francs. For businesses with fewer credit cards or a smaller expenses volume we recommend the UBS Business Card Basic.

The most important benefits and conditions

  UBS Visa Corporate Card Classic/ UBS Visa Buyer's Card UBS Visa Corporate Card Gold
Annual card fee for main account management 100 75 75 100 75 75
Annual card fee
- in the 1st year Free of charge
- from 2nd year onwards 100 75 75 200 150 150
Individual spending limit per card1 (minimum limit) 2000 3000 4000 10 000     6000 8000
Cash withdrawals worldwide2  
- at ATM (per withdrawal)
Commission 3.5 % 3.5 % 3.5 % 3.5 % 3.5 % 3.5 %
Minimum (at home/abroad) 5/10 4/8 5/10 5/10 4/8 5/10
- at bank counters (per withdrawal)
Commission 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4%
Minimum 10 8 10 10 8 10
Currency conversion
for transactions in foreign currencies UBS- Previous day's UBS "sell" exchange rate plus 1% processing surcharge
Replacement card in the event of loss or theft Free of charge

PIN code3

(with/without cash withdrawal)

Free of charge

Company logo3 black,

red, blue or green

one-off charge (starting from 10 cards) 500
Additional embossing (max. 8 characters)
e.g. staff number Free of charge
Electronic data provision
Prices on request
Priority Pass - Free Priority Pass worth USD 99, including four free visits each year. A standard admission fee of EUR 22 will be charged to your credit card for each further visit.                        
Spending bonus system

For an annual transaction total of CHF 12,000 (EUR 7,500/USD 10,000), not including fees and cash withdrawals, we will refund CHF 100 (EUR 65/USD 85) up to a maximum of all paid annual card fees.
Flexible billing system
Group billing with individual statements, individual invoices and cost center billing
Payment deadline
25 days from the billing date
Payment method
  • Direct debit (LSV+ for CHF/EUR or SWIFT for USD4)
  • Pay-in slip (BESR) for CHR or International Payment Instruction (IPI) for EUR/USD
Interest on overdue balances
15% annual interest rate
24-hour customer service/card blocking service                                                         
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Phone +41-44-828 37 37
Europcar car rental
Discount on standard rate
up to 20% up to 25%
Passing on of third-party costs

Any third-party costs (e.g. postage, charges for making payments at post office counters, airport lounge admission fees for additional visits, etc.) may be passed on. Please contact Customer Services for detailed pricing information.

1 The minimum limit for the Buyer's Card is CHF/EUR/USD 500.

2 The Buyer's Card cannot generally be used for making cash withdrawals.

3This service is not available for the Buyer's Card.

4Only in combination with a UBS bank account.

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