UBS Business Card Basic


Question: What are the spending limits on UBS Business Card Basic?

Answer: You set the card limit for each individual card. The minimum limit is CHF 2 000

Payment when the limit has been reached

Question: I have reached my card limit and have therefore paid a sum of money into my card account. Unfortunately, I am still unable to use the card. Why is this?

Answer: mounts paid into your UBS Business Card Basic account are transferred to your company's main account. We can of course credit the amount in question to your card immediately.

Main account opening

Question: Why do I need to submit the form for opening a UBS Business Card Basic main account when my company already has an account with UBS?

Answer: The UBS Business Card Basic main account is separate from any other bank account. The data on the form mentioned are essential for opening a Business Card account. The form only has to be completed once, together with your initial card application.

Credit transfer

Question: The last invoice has one amount debited three times and credited only once, under the heading "Credit transfer to main account". What is the explanation for this?

Answer: This is purely an internal entry for crediting the amount to the main account - a corresponding credit booking appears on the main account.

PIN Code

Question: I would like to withdraw cash, but do not have a PIN code. Please provide me with one.

Answer: The company defines which employees are authorized to withdraw cash when ordering its cards and requests PIN codes for them. In order to authorize you to withdraw cash, we need written confirmation from your company.

Sole proprietorship/association/foundation

Question: Can a sole proprietorship, an association, a foundation or similar institutions benefit from a UBS Business Card Basic?

Answer: Yes. We can generally provide UBS Business Cards Basic for any legally recognized company. Applications are assessed according to the usual criteria.


Question: Who is authorized to request changes in addresses, increases in limits and other modifications to UBS Business Card Basic?

Answer: Every modification must be communicated to UBS Card Center Ltd by fax or post bearing a legally valid signature in accordance with the Commercial Register.


Question: What is the extent of insurance cover offered by my UBS Business Card Basic?

Answer: You can request insurance details at any time by calling 044-828 37 37, sending a fax to 044-828 33 76 or e-mailing

Further information

Question: Who can answer my questions about my UBS Business Card Basic?

Answer: For all questions about your UBS Business Card Basic, please use:
tel. 044-828 37 37, fax 044-828 33 76 or e-mail

For questions on your pending card application, please contact our New Clients Department:
tel. 044-828 34 35, fax 044-811 05 89 or e-mail

For questions about your personal card, please call 044-828 35 01.