UBS Business Card Basic
Attractive services for SMEs

UBS Business Card Basic

The UBS Business Card Basic is the credit card for SMEs. It simplifies expenses management and creates greater transparency. The services provided by this card are specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs that need a maximum of 5 cards or have expenses up to CHF 50,000. For companies that need more cards or have a greater volume of expenses, we recommend the UBS Visa Corporate Card.

The most important condition and benefits

Services UBS Business Card Basic

Annual card fee for main account management

Free of charge (only one main account per company)

Annual card fee

Free of charge in the first year, then CHF 70 starting in the second year

Number of cards per main account

5 cards maximum

Individual spending limit per card

Minimum limit CHF 2,000

Cash withdrawals worldwide

  • At ATMs: 3.5% commission; minimum CHF 5 (Switzerland) or CHF 10 (abroad) per withdrawal
  • At bank counters: 4% commission; minimum CHF 10 per withdrawal

Currency conversion
(for transactions in foreign currencies)

UBS "sell" exchange rate plus 1% processing surcharge

Express card replacement

CHF 20

Additional embossing (company name)

Free of charge

Insurance package (optional)* CHF 25 per year
Travel and flight accident insurance
  • In the event of accident, disability, death
up to CHF 300,000
  • Rescue and repatriation costs
up to CHF 60,000
Property insurance
  • Travel delay (min. 4 hours)
up to USD 480
  • Late arrival/loss of luggage
up to USD 900
  • Document replacement
up to USD 1,500
  • Legal fees and court costs
up to USD 2,500
  • Medical emergencies while traveling abroad
Advice and/or assistance

Spending bonus system

For an annual transaction total of CHF 10,000, not including fees and cash withdrawals, we will refund CHF 70, up to a maximum of all paid annual card fees.

Flexible billing system

  • Group invoicing with individual statements
  • Individual invoices



Payment deadline

25 days from the billing date

Payment method

  • Direct debit (LSV+)
  • Pay-in slip (BESR)

Default interest

15% annual interest rate

24- hour customer service/card blocking service

Phone +41-44-828 37 37

24- hour assistance (assistance in emergencies abroad)

Phone +41-44-723 44 88

Discount on standard rate

Up to 20% off car rental at Europcar

Passing on of third-party costs

Any third-party costs (e.g. postage, charges for making payments at post office counters, courier costs for card dispatch abroad, etc.) may be passed on. Please contact Customer Services for detailed pricing information.

* Insurance cover exists if the UBS Business Card Basic was used to pay for the trip.