Your preferential interest rate

Benefit now: 9-year UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage at a preferential interest rate of 0.99%.

Fixed-rate mortgage at a glance

With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate remains the same for the full term. This protects you against rising interest rates, allowing you to plan with confidence.


9 years

Interest rate

0.99% preferential interest rate

Repayment terms

Can be contractually agreed

With our fixed-rate mortgage, both the interest rate and the term are fixed, allowing you to enjoy low interest rates for a period of years. You’re safe against rising interest rates for the fixed term of the mortgage.

Choose the term of the mortgage according to current interest rates. When interest rates are low, you’ll benefit most from a long-term mortgage, and from a shorter borrowing period when they’re high.

What will happen to interest rates?

Our interest rate forecast keeps you up to date with the current interest rates and how they're likely to change – free of charge by email.

When you arrange a new, fixed-rate mortgage or if you want to switch your existing mortgage to us and are expecting interest rates to rise, you can secure the current interest rate today. You can do this up to twelve months before the mortgage is paid out. So the rate of interest is fixed and the mortgage paid out on different dates. You pay an additional fee for this interest rate hedge.

When the mortgage comes to an end, overall interest rates can be higher than they were when the mortgage was agreed. In this situation you’ll have to arrange additional financing at a higher interest rate.

To minimize this interest rate risk, it’s advisable to split large amounts between multiple mortgages right from the start. For example, you could agree two fixed-rate mortgages with different terms.

Interest rate: 0.99%
Term: 9 years
Interest rate risk: only at maturity
Conclusion: the mortgage can either be paid out immediately or at a later date (up to twelve months in advance; longer advances on request)
Repayment terms: can be contractually agreed

* Offer valid until revoked.

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