What is Switzerland's recipe for success?

More than the sum of its parts

Thanks to a collaboration with Monocle, the compendium "Switzerland in figures" has received a creative complement: a poster with exciting stories about the country and its people, economy and policy.
With iconic illustrations in the famous Swiss graphic style, the poster presents selected facts and figures about the building blocks that make up Switzerland's success.

Did you know, that…

  • there are more than 250 apprenticeships in Switzerland to choose from?
  • Switzerland is the 5th biggest coffee exporter in the world, without growing any coffee beans in the country?
  • the Swiss railway network has a length of 5'196km and is one of the densest networks in the world?
  • 50% of all world-wide referendums take place in Switzerland?

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"Switzerland in Figures"

Around 2,000 facts and figures about the country and its economy.