UBS Access App

Easy, secure login – without reader.

1. Register your mobile number in Digital Banking

To activate the Access App, a mobile number for security messages must be registered in Digital Banking.

2. Download the Access App

Download the Access App on your smartphone:

3. Activate the Access App

Activate the Access App with the activation PIN. This will be sent to you by letter and will arrive in a few days. 

All the functions

Here's how easy it is to log in with the Access App

E-Banking Login

Mobile Banking Login

How to register for the Access App

Access App registration with activation letter

High UBS security standards

  • A PIN of your choice protects the Access App – even if you lose your smartphone.
  • The Access App always checks the security of your smartphone before you log in to Digital Banking.
  • The security code for the login is calculated automatically and transferred directly to UBS. The data transmission is protected by multi-level security.
  • The Access Card is always up to date and offers optimum protection.
  • Additional safety check: new payees need to be confirmed once


  • Smartphone or tablet with iOS, version 13 or higher, or Android, version 7 or higher
  • Mobile number for security messages stored in Digital Banking

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