Ready for E-Banking

Set up UBS E-Banking to do all your banking from the comfort of your own home.

Log in without a card reader

With the UBS Access app, you can log into E-Banking easily and securely from your smartphone and use all the features of the UBS Mobile Banking app. Simply download the app, register in the app and get banking.

For your security, you will need to use a card reader to register in the Access app. Once you have registered, you can simply log in through the app. You will only rarely need your Access Card and card reader after that for additional security checks, e.g. when making a payment to a new recipient.

Secure cashless payments

The quickest way to pay your bills is via e-bill. It just takes one click to approve them.

Set up e-bills under “Payments > E-bill”.

For your security

For maximum security, you can adjust your settings by restricting online payments to certain countries, blocking accounts for payment or setting a transfer limit, for example. Your first payments to beneficiaries to whom you have never transferred money before will have to be confirmed using your Access Card and card reader or the Access Card Display.

Receive information about accounts and cards

Receive push notifications, text messages or e-mail alerts on your smartphone, for example about account movements or credit card transactions.

Activate notifications under “Assets > Set up notifications”.

Store important documents and passwords electronically

A safe place for your most important documents in UBS Safe:

  • Receive digital UBS banking documents
  • Save important personal documents
  • Create and manage passwords 
  • Keep copies of identity papers readily available

Activate the digital safe under “Safe” in E-Banking.

Receive all UBS documents directly in E-Banking and put an end to piles of paper. Go to “Mailbox > Bank documents > Change delivery,” change your delivery settings to “Everything electronically” and confirm by clicking “Save.”

Keep an eye on your finances

The Personal financial assistant (PFA) lets you see exactly where your money goes as it automatically breaks down your expenses by category. You can define personal budgets and savings targets, and use the PFA to check whether you’re sticking to them. You can also set up regular savings so that you gradually get closer and closer to your savings target.

Activate the Personal Financial Assistant under “Budget”.

All E-Banking functions on your smartphone

With the UBS Mobile Banking app, you can take care of your banking as securely as in E-Banking.


Credit cards

Flexibly manage your cards: If the amount available on your credit or prepaid card is not enough, you can increase it conveniently in E-Banking, or if you’re on the go in the Mobile Banking app. You can also block any lost or stolen credit cards directly in E-Banking, or in an emergency in the app anywhere you are.

Debit cards

Protection from card misuse: Define the monthly and daily limits on your credit cards and restrict the geographic region of use. In the event of an emergency, you can block your debit card via E-Banking or the Mobile Banking app.