Access Key interference Notes and troubleshooting guides

If you are having problems installing the Access Key and cannot find a solution in the Access Key guide (PDF, 1 MB), please follow these instructions.

Resolving basic errors

The writing on the Access Key is not lit up:
Make sure the Access Key is connected to a USB port on your computer using the cable supplied with the key. You may need to connect the Access Key to another USB port on your computer.

The writing lights up, but the Access Key still does not work:

Make sure that
  • at least one web browser is installed that meets the system requirements.
  • you have the permissions needed to access the Internet.
  • you are connected to the Internet.

A connection cannot be established:
The required software update can be started manually using the following execution file. This file automatically establishes a secure connection to enable the software on the UBS Access Key to be updated.

Installation notes

Firewall configuration

If a firewall is used, this may affect the Access Key's functionality. If this is the case, please ensure the following Internet addresses are open to communicate via port 443 (SSL) on the firewall:

UBS e-banking



UBS Connect



UBS does not offer any support for firewalls. If you experience any problems, please contact the support department of the respective provider directly:


If the Access Key still does not work correctly, please contact your company's system administrator or our support department:

- Calls from within Switzerland: 0848-848 064
- Calls from abroad: +41-848-848 064