Replacement order Step by step guide for your replacement order

Should you have any questions regarding UBS Online Services, please contact our support personnel, who are available around the clock:

- Calling from Switzerland: 0848-848 064
- Calling from abroad: +41-848-848 064

Ordering a replacement Access Card, card reader and Access Key

If you lose your Access Card or in the event of defective card readers or Access Keys, please contact our Support team. Please note that replacement cards and additional card readers or Access Keys are subject to a charge.

Charge (incl. VAT and shipping costs)

Access Card NFC:       CHF 10
Access Card Display:   CHF 25
Card reader:                 CHF 10
Access Key:                  CHF 65

Defective card readers or Access Keys are exchanged free of charge.


Different disposal rules apply depending on the device in question.

Black card reader

Dispose of via official disposal locations in Switzerland (e.g. electrical stores).

Gray card reader

Return to UBS offices or the address given below.

Access Key

Return to UBS offices or the address given below.

Return address:
CH-8098 Zürich