New function Overview of the latest features for e-banking and mobile banking

UBS e-banking and UBS Mobile Banking are subject to ongoing upgrades and optimization. An overview of the most important new features is presented below.

UBS Mobile Banking

UBS- Favorites



Favorites – faster access to functions

Would you like to access frequently used functions quickly? In the menu, select up to five functions under "Favorites". In this way, you can access them quickly. 

UBS- Mailbox



Mailbox – secure communication

Communicate securely and confidentially with your client advisor via the Mailbox. Get automatic notifications about incoming messages. 

UBS- Security



Security – blocking debit cards

In the event of loss or theft, block your UBS Debit Card V PAY or Maestro directly in the app. A replacement card will be sent to you automatically.  

UBS- Standing orders



Standing orders – ideal for regular payments

Enter regular payments of the same amount as standing orders and manage them. 

UBS- Cards



Cards – increase the amount easily

Increase the amount available on your credit and prepaid cards even more comfortably by selecting the card or scanning the card data. 

UBS- Access Cards

Access Cards – direct order

If necessary, order an Access Card Display or an additional Access Card with NFC for convenient access on the road.

UBS e-banking




Balance forecast – now with credit card spendings

Get an overview of the expected account transactions, now inclusive of credit card spendings.