KeyTraderSolution designed by professionals for use by professionals

KeyTrader is a tool for professional users such as banks. "Straight-through-trading" is no longer merely a buzzword with KeyTrader. KeyTrader is a tool for professional users that links you directly with the trading rooms of UBS Investment Bank and allows you to pass orders directly to over 50 international stock markets from your computer, host, or order management system.

Real-time market information from SWX and SWX Europe, configurable views of pending and executed orders and rapid access to historical data give you a detailed overview of your own order book and complete autonomy over your investment strategies.

KeyTrader users can connect via a GUI (Graphical User Interface) or via an electronic interface (FIX or SWIFT). Each type of connectivity ensures quick and accurate feedback on the status of an order, from its entry to the market to the confirmation of its execution.

KeyTrader can be combined with Global Custody Services to give you process and cost optimization. KeyLink can also be attached to the package allowing easy custody management. This unlocks the potential for large cost savings and streamlined processing, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. You can rely on the absolute security, performance and stability of KeyTrader and benefit from the know-how of one of the world's leading investment banks.

Enter the same field as the big players with a total solution designed by professionals for use by professionals.

Key features


Single tool access to over 50 markets

Cross product portfolio

Rapid access to historical data

Management of own trading books

Scalable according to order volume

Comprehensive support offered

Real-time market data

Immediate access to the global financial markets

High system stability

FIX and SWIFT standard implemented

Easy to use

Platform independent (windows, unix)