Software partners Overview of UBS e-banking software partners

Agro-Office AG
Stegackerstrasse 2
CH-8409 Winterthur
Tel. +41-52-235 12 30
Fax +41-52-235 12 31

Agro Office

Financial software for agriculture, commerce and SMEs.
commerce and SMEs. Integrated invoicing program enables BESR printing, while an optional e-banking module prepares the accounts payable for the accounts department and the bank in a single process.




Crealogix Payments AG
Baslerstrasse 60
Postfach 112
CH-8066 Zürich
Tel. +41-58-404 85 85

PayMaker and
PayMaker Mac OSX

Your partner for simple payments.
PayMaker has everything you need to carry out simple electronic payments. Each day, the software makes financial transactions easier for individuals and companies alike. You too can count on this reliable partner to make your electronic payments.



All functions available at the touch of a button.
More than 10,000 club treasurers appreciate the possibilities offered to them by ClubMaker. ClubMaker offers all accounting functions such as e-banking, automatic dunning, invoicing and monitoring accounts receivable, as well as the possibility to export all lists and tables. Electronic invoicing is now possible for the first time thanks to bill+pay, while ClubMaker allows you to finish your accounts faster, leaving more time for club activities.



The simple financial and e-banking solution.
BusinessMaker is a product specially developed by C-CHANNEL for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that greatly simplifies all work involving invoices, accounting, article management etc. It's a well-thought-out, integrated package that takes account of everything you could wish for in a simple, flexible and user-friendly piece of office software.



Your cash manager.
How is my money being used? Have I gone over my vacation budget? How much does my hobby cost me? SwissMoney answers these questions and of course shows you how your assets are growing and where you have made long-term investments. Reports on your assets, income and expenditure can be shown in chart form. Deadlines are monitored and a reminder is sent to you if your spending goes over budget. SwissMoney is an ideal financial manager and the perfect complement to the latest e-banking tools – so you always have your money under control.




Quartesoft Sarl.
Champs-Courbes 1
CH-1024 Ecublens


MacPay is a modern e-banking solution for Macintosh, available as a version for Mac OS X. The program processes all types of payments accepted by Swiss banks and the Swiss Post Office. International transactions including SWIFT and IPI are also supported. MacPay has advanced functions in the areas of archiving and accounting exports, and supports the optical input devices MoneyPen and SwissReader.




Softcrew AG
Bahnhofstrasse 17a
CH-7323 Wangs
Tel. +41-81-720 01 30
Fax +41-81-720 01 31


CashComm is a tried and tested payment software product that has been in use for more than eight years and now integrates financial accounting and portfolio management using advanced Micosoft.NET technology. CashComm can be used on all Windows systems, and its design is very simple and easy to follow. This modern financial management software product focuses specifically on the needs of individuals, the self-employed and micro businesses that want to keep their liquidity and assets under control at all times.



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