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UBS Pay (only for Windows)

Free offline payment entry software for Windows users.

This exclusive software from UBS allows you to enter and manage your payments without connecting to the Internet. UBS Pay helps you, for example, when entering payments abroad so that you select the most cost-efficient order type. Payment orders are then sent collectively to UBS via UBS e-banking in just a fraction of the time it takes to enter them directly online. With a user-friendly graphical interface, archiving and analysis functions, you can call up all your executed payments and beneficiaries' details at any time. Unauthorized third parties are not able to manipulate your data because it is stored on your hard drive in encrypted form. A number of export options make transferring your data to MS Excel and MS Money as easy as can be.

UBS BESR e-list (windows only)

Free accounts receivable system with invoicing for Windows users.

UBS BESR e-list is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals who just need a simple accounts receivable system with integrated invoicing functions. It manages the collection of your receivables in CHF within Switzerland using banking payment slips with reference number (BESR). The new UBS BESR e-list software replaces the old paper accounts receivable list and is thus an excellent choice for anyone who already works with UBS BESR payment slips, especially UBS BESR Quick.

UBS software partners



With a flick of the wrist over the code line, PayPen reads your pay-in slips quickly and accurately into UBS e-banking or your payment software.


CLX.ScanPackage not only lets you scan in any template but it also reads your pay-in slips quickly and accurately into UBS e-banking or your payment software.