"Bridging the gap"

Every Swiss person is proud of their world-class infrastructure, which consists of 1,855 km of motorways, 5,196 km of railway tracks and 14 national and regional airports. Of the 6.1 million motor vehicles that hit the road in 2017, 4.6 million were cars. The Gotthard Tunnel, which runs from Göschenen to Airolo, received the Gotthard Base Tunnel addition in 2016 to make it, at 57 km, the world’s longest rail tunnel.

With such strong infrastructure the Swiss are able to move around their country with ease. This has helped to bridge the gap between communities and cantons and it is now common for people to live in one canton and commute to work in another. Of 4.0 million daily commuters, 71 per cent commute outside of their locale. The average commute is 15 km and lasts 30.6 minutes.

Among those commuters, 52 per cent drive, 17 per cent take the train, 14 per cent take public transport, 9 per cent walk and 7 per cent cycle. A particular point of pride is the punctuality of the rail system: 90.1 per cent of travellers reach their destination with less than a three-minute delay.

Did you know?

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