"Lessons learned"

Switzerland has one of the world’s strongest vocational education training systems. One of the most important aspects of the Swiss educational system is the crossover between theory and practice. Last year 215,531 young people were in parallel learning on the job and in school in an apprenticeship.

The fields of education in which most apprentices undertake their basic vocational training are business and administration (commercial occupations) at 17.2 per cent, wholesale and retail at 12.2 per cent, building and civil engineering at 8.0 per cent, and nursing and midwifery at 6.3 per cent. This adds up to youth unemployment at 7.9 per cent, ahead of the US (8.2 per cent), UK (11.2 per cent), France (20.9 per cent), Italy (31.5 per cent) and Spain (34.3 per cent).

Since 1953, Switzerland has participated in the WorldSkills competition, featuring young professionals from more than 60 countries. The SwissSkills team is regularly the best European team, only outdone by nations such as China and South Korea.

Did you know?

  • 1,700 is the number of training positions UBS offers for those entering the workforce, along with a variety of further training possibilities.
  • Seven fully-endowed and permanent professors at the UBS International Center of Economics in Society contribute to the University of Zurich's top position in the field of economics and encourage the exchange of ideas between academia and society.

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