Enjoy a carefree early retirement

Your time is one of your most valuable assets. But just how early is early retirement?

Spending more time with family and friends, starting a new project or realizing a long-held dream: these were just some of the things Katrin was hoping to enjoy by retiring early. The only question was when the right time would be and what she needed to consider when she did so.

To ensure that my early retirement went off without a hitch, I wanted to take every possible precaution.

Katrin L.

Early retirement

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Careful examination of early retirement brings important factors to light. Katrin wanted to be well prepared. Here are some of the questions she asked herself:

The answer depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. When will be the right time for you to make the move from working life to retirement? How soon do you want to get started with your new projects? From a financial perspective, there are a few important facts to remember. Katrin was also unaware of these at first. For example: Did you know that you pay the highest retirement fund contributions over the last 10 years of your working life? Or that for each year you make early withdrawals from AHV, your annual pension is reduced by 6.8%? You’ll need to take these and other related facts into consideration.

Semiretirement can sometimes be beneficial. For some people, an abrupt switch from working life to retirement can be a challenge. Semiretirement or reduced hours can be a good option here.

A gradual withdrawal from the world of work is worth considering. Perhaps you can start by working part-time, which will already free up more time for family and private projects. It also has the advantage of fewer financial penalties regarding your retirement fund capital.

Our top 3 tips

Check additional contributions

If you want to grow your retirement assets, it’s a good idea to make additional contributions to make up for the contribution years you’ll be missing if you retire early.

Stagger your payouts

If you stagger your withdrawals from your pillar 3a retirement savings over several years, you can make up for any shortfalls in your income and save on taxes.

Watch out for hidden costs

Calculate carefully right from the start and include every factor in your planning. Remember, for example, that even if you do retire early, you’ll still have to pay AHV contributions until you reach official retirement age.

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