Are you fully prepared for retirement?

How to optimize your assets for your retirement

Even if you’re not planning to retire for another 10 to 15 years, you still need to ask yourself some important questions today: How much money will I need? How can I safeguard my assets? What do I want to be able to afford after retirement?

Case study

Bettina and Markus E. also grappled with these same questions. When they thought about retirement, everything still seemed rather abstract and a long way off. But with a carefully considered strategy tailored to their needs and goals, they were able to optimize their wealth planning.

Optimize your wealth

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It was only once we realized how much purchasing power our cash savings were losing each year that we decided to act.

Bettina and Markus E.

The couple E made 3 important decisions for their financial future.

Life expectancy in Switzerland continues to rise, so your money needs to last longer. Then there’s taxation: AHV, IV and occupational pensions must be declared and, in general, all of this money is subject to income tax. In addition, you may spend more money after you retire because you want to fulfill some life-long dreams, for instance. This is often the case in the first few years of retirement, and Bettina and Markus were no different – they went on a Caribbean cruise.

Together with their retirement planning advisor, Bettina and Markus E. drew up an investment plan tailored to their specific needs. They were then able to reduce the high level of their liquidity and to counteract the loss of purchasing power of their cash savings over the long term.

A lot of people think that pension income from pillars 1, 2 and 3 will equal their current salary. However, depending on how your pension and retirement savings are structured, your income after retiring could be considerably lower, as in the case of Bettina and Markus E. That’s why income from financial assets is so important. Structure your assets at an early stage and according to your situation and needs, so that after retirement you can realize your dreams and continue to enjoy your current standard of living.

Our 3 tips for you

Budget well

It’s crucial you know exactly what your income and expenditure will be after you retire.

Invest your savings

Many people forget that cash on the account loses its purchasing power, even when inflation is low. Financial investments allow you to grow your wealth.

Structure your assets

An asset strategy that’s tailored to your life circumstances will enable strategic management of your financial assets. It will allow you to maintain your current standard of living and to realize your dreams.

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