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The benefits of the UBS «first home» Mortgage

If you are taking out a mortgage with us for the first time, we offer you attractive benefits with the UBS «first home» Mortgage.

  • Preferential interest rate on the entire financing
  • Free choice of product (UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage 3-10 years)
  • Fix the interest rate up to one year in advance free of charge

Three steps to the right mortgage

You need equity to purchase residential property. To be able to take out a mortgage, you need to contribute at least 20% of the property value from your own resources, e.g. using a combination of savings and occupational and private retirement capital.

1. Be clear about the prerequisites

The financing for your dream house or your dream apartment generally consists of a combination of equity and borrowed capital. Thanks to the mortgage calculator, you can find out quickly and easily whether you can already afford your dream home.

2. Know the state of the market

Financing your own home represents a major investment in the long term. Our experts analyze the market so that we can assess the interest rate situation and trends for you. Thanks to the UBS interest rate forecast, you'll be kept constantly informed of the latest interest rate trends.

3. Obtain individual advice

With more than 150 years of experience as a lending bank, we can help you realize your dream of owning property, quickly and without bureaucracy. We use modern tools to offer you advice and establish an individual financing strategy, tailored to your personal mortgage profile.

Residential property checklist consultation

Watch the video to find out more about the main features of our mortgage advice to ensure solid, carefree financing for your residential property.

Examples of financing solutions

Our case studies explain how we put together a mortgage mix and how we can help you come to a decision thanks to our know-how.

Mortgage mix for a single-family home

Roman and Sarah Bucher want to buy a single-family home for their young family. At a consultation with their UBS client advisor, the Buchers create their mortgage profile and their individualized mortgage mix.

The Bucher family's mortgage profile

25% of the property's value of CHF 1,000,000 will be financed with equity and 75% will be financed with borrowed capital. At 30%, the affordability of the property is ensured. The Buchers do not actively follow market and interest rate trends. Stability and planning certainty are the young family's priority. Being able to make precise calculations is important to them.

This means that a stable mortgage profile best suits their needs.

The Bucher family's mortgage mix

Mr. and Mrs. Bucher want a secure interest rate. After speaking to their UBS client advisor, they decide that, due to the low current rate of interest, they would like a mix consisting of a long-term UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage and a medium-term UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage.

Total mortgage 

CHF 750 000

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, 8 years

CHF 500 000

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, 5 years

CHF 250 000

With the mortgage mix they have chosen, the Buchers have secured the favorable current interest rate for a long and a medium term. This guarantees them planning certainty. The Bucher family receives an individualized financing proposal based on this mortgage mix.

Mortgage mix for an apartment

Oskar Kaufmann lives in an apartment he owns in Baar (ZG). The value of the property is CHF 900,000. The property has been financed with a mortgage of CHF 550,000. Because the term of his UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage is due to end, he has decided to optimize his mortgage mix.

Oskar Kaufmann's mortgage profile

At 20%, the affordability of the property is ensured. Mr. Kaufmann takes an interest in the money and capital markets, and employs a hands-on approach to the financing of his home. His finances are sound enough to withstand any interest rate fluctuations.

A market-oriented mortgage profile is therefore the most suitable option for Oskar Kaufmann.

New mortgage mix for Oskar Kaufmann

Mr. Kaufmann would like to take advantage of the favorable interest rates currently available on the money markets. He projects a moderate rise in interest rates over the next few years.

In order to spread his risk, Mr. Kaufmann is aiming for a mortgage mix consisting of a 3-month UBS Libor Mortgage and a 10-year UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage. This will allow him to benefit from the attractive interest rates offered by a Libor mortgage, while also securing the low current interest rate for a period of ten years with his fixed-rate mortgage. Following an advisory consultation with his UBS client advisor, Oskar Kaufmann opts for the following solution:

Current mortgage mix

Total mortgage

CHF 550 000

UBS Libor Mortgage, 3 months

CHF 150 000

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, 10 years

CHF 400 000

New mortgage mix

Total mortgage

CHF 550 000

UBS Libor Mortgage, 3 months

CHF 250 000

UBS Fixed-Rate Mortgage, 10 years

CHF 300 000

The mix that Oskar Kaufmann has chosen will allow him to enjoy the benefits offered by both of the mortgages. He will benefit from the attractive interest rates offered by a Libor mortgage, while also securing the low current interest rate for a period of ten years with his fixed-rate mortgage.

Interesting information for you

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