Can I change or delete pending payments?

Payments recorded with an execution date in the future can be changed or deleted any time at no cost up until the execution date (value date). You can find pending payments in e-banking at "Payments > Recorded payments > Pending payments."

Can I cancel payments that have already been executed?

Executed payments can no longer be canceled or changed. In case of any payment inquiries, you can contact the payment recipient in order to request a partial or full refund/correction.

If you’ve made or duplicated a payment in error, we recommend contacting the payment recipient directly in order to request a refund or correction. You can request an investigation (subject to charge) in e-banking.

Place an investigation order in E-Banking:

  • Log in to E-Banking.
  • Navigate to “Assets > Account > Transactions.”
  • Select the booking/payment you want to challenge.
  • After selecting “Start inquiry,” you can then send a message to the query desk.