"What is art?" Discover new horizons

"Why are some works of art so incredibly expensive?", "Is graffiti art?", and "Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?"

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Anyone who tries to come to grips with art knows that it opens up new horizons. Art enables us to see the world and ourselves with fresh eyes. But how do we gain access to art? What do we have to know to understand modern and contemporary art? In fact, what is art?

This book poses questions and gives answers – in words and pictures. Conceived in close cooperation with young people and specialists, it explains various aspects of art in plain and simple English.

In this volume, the Fondation Beyeler, one of the best-known art museums in Switzerland, has drawn on its many years of experience in art education. As a long-time and committed patron of the arts and sponsor of the Department of Art Education, UBS has made the publication and distribution of this book possible. Together, we hope that our efforts will encourage many, especially young, people to discover art for themselves – and that "What is Art?" is a joy to read!