Art education For families and young people

The Fondation Beyeler was opened in 1997 and is one of the most famous museums for modern and contemporary art in Switzerland. It houses the collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler and hosts major exhibitions every year. As a long-standing and committed sponsor of art and a partner for the Fondation Beyeler’s art education activities, UBS supports projects for children, families and young people.

What is art? What is art?

This book poses questions and gives answers – in words and pictures. Conceived in close cooperation with young people and specialists, it explains various aspects of art in plain and simple English.

What is Art?
What is Art?

"Why are some works of art so incredibly expensive?", "Is graffiti art?", and "Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?"

Family Days Family Days

Three Times a Year is Family time

Art in the Evening Art in the Evening

An evening of art at the museum

UBS and art UBS and art

UBS supports high-quality national and international projects with conviction and passion. Its sponsorship of the Fondation Beyeler reflects its commitment to protecting and promoting Switzerland’s cultural diversity.

ArtShaker: download now and start shaking! ArtShaker: download now and start shaking!

With the ArtShaker mobile app, you can turn your personal photos or works of art from the Fondation Beyeler into new artistic images simply by shaking your phone or iPad. Artists and genres are presented in a fun way with different filter options and additional information.

Speed Art Game Speed Art Game

With Speed Art, a playful approach to art clearly lies in the forefront. The game provides a simple, easily understandable introduction to the Fondation Beyeler’s renowned collection of modern and contemporary art.