Growth Advisory

We are the financing partner for innovative Swiss start-ups and scale-ups

Are you looking for the right equity investors or a credit line in order to grow more quickly and sustainably as a business? We are the right partner to leverage your momentum.

Why choose us?

Track record in the market

We have supported over 40 Swiss growth companies, by finding the right investors for them or granting them credit financing

Long-standing experience

We are proud to have worked together with the most successful Swiss growth companies over the past years

Strong performance

We have raised more than CHF 125 million of equity capital from investors and granted more than CHF 170 million in credit financing

What moves you right now?

While you take care of your business, we start our proven fundraising process and give you access to our bank’s extensive investor network. We have to admit, just like our investors, we’re also very selective. Your investment case should meet the following requirements:

  • Sales: Over CHF 1 million p.a. 
  • Domicile: Switzerland
  • Capital requirements: Growth financing of at least CHF 3 million
  • Attractive market: Promising and fast-growing market
  • Business idea and business model: High degree of innovation and rapidly scalable business model

We review every business plan or business presentation and give you timely feedback. If you have caught our attention, we analyze your investment case in more detail to assess the attractiveness for potential investors.

In 2012, UBS launched the “SEF4KMU” growth initiative together with the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF), and has continuously developed this further ever since. We offer young companies with excellent potential the opportunity to have their strategy and business plans reviewed by independent experts from the SEF network. The best companies are then awarded the “SEF.High-Potential SME”label.

For companies recognized as a “High-Potential SME” by SEF, we have given thought to some special product solutions. In this way, companies’ future prospects are rated more highly than usual in the credit check, for example.

Investors domiciled in Switzerland and with an existing UBS client relationship, can get access to exciting direct investment opportunities in Swiss growth companies by becoming a member of the UBS Private Investor Circle. Please contact your client advisor or get in touch with us via the contact form.

Then we can recommend you to check out UBS Start Business, the compact UBS banking package for company founders. It contains only the banking products needed to start a professional business. In partnership with Zurich Insurance you also get online access to relevant insurance products needed for your business or in your role as an employer.

Are you working on getting your start-up ready to launch? Our recommendation: UBS Start Business – the platform for establishing a business.

Come and talk with us – it’s worth it

Comprehensive advice from experienced corporate client advisors and product specialists. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Success through partnership

Swiss start-up VIU Ventures AG is currently revolutionizing the eyewear market and, thanks to UBS, has found the right investors for its continued growth.