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Sustainability by Real Estate Switzerland

Energy consumption in buildings, for example, for heating rooms and water, represents a significant proportion of overall energy consumption in Switzerland. For this reason, the real estate industry is a focal point of Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050.

Real Estate Switzerland (RE-CH) bases its definition of sustainability on the Brundtland Report, where it is defined as follows: «Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs».

With the support of outside experts, Real Estate – Switzerland has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy that does justice to this definition. The strategy focuses on achieving ten strategic sustainability goals – in the three dimensions of the environment, economy and society – each with several sub-goals. The sub-goals contain various metrics to ensure that progress towards achieving them is measurable.

Sustainability goal matrix

As the Swiss real estate business is part of the global real estate business of UBS, its sustainability strategy is embedded in the global strategy. This ensures that the entire lifecycle of a real estate investment is covered, from the development or acquisition of a property to its maintenance, renovation and management, through to its sale.

The implementation of the sustainability strategy since the beginning of 2014 is helping us meet the increasing demands and obligations for sustainable property management.