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Important information

We would like to draw your attention to the following risks in relation to the content of this website.

  • Certain high-volatility investments such as derivatives may be subject to considerable price fluctuations, which are equivalent to or exceed the sum invested.

  • Where an investment is deemed to be appropriate as a means of generating income, this income may vary and part of the capital invested may be used to pay this income.

  • Certain specific recommendations may apply to investments which are not directly realisable, making it difficult for investors to sell an investment, to realise a profit or to obtain reliable information about its value or the level of risk to which an investment is subject.

  • Certain investments and investment services mentioned on the UBS website may have tax implications for private clients resident in the United Kingdom ("UK residents") insofar as the level and basis for taxation changes. Should you have any questions, please contact your tax advisor.

  • When acquiring or selling investments which have contingent liabilities, you may not only lose the sum invested, but, under certain circumstances, have to expect an additional payment sum to be imposed.

Collective forms of investment (investment funds)

Only those collective forms of investment which have been approved and registered for public distribution in the United Kingdom may be publicly offered and distributed in the United Kingdom. Any advertising carried out for collective forms of investment which are not registered in the United Kingdom is not aimed at UK residents.

Investment funds (collective forms of investment) which are advertised on the UBS website are not available to UK residents. If you are a UK resident, please leave all UBS websites that contain information on UBS investment funds immediately.