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Real estate solutions

«James – serviced residences» is an innovative residential concept and the response to the increasing needs of busy people for added residential quality and greater well-being in urban areas.

Real Estate Switzerland is interested in acquiring investment properties and building sites with project development throughout Switzerland.

In Switzerland, shifting from direct to indirect real estate investments holds considerable optimization potential for many pension funds, companies, and individuals. Thanks to our experience, we can provide you with tailor-made solutions involving the securitization of real estate investments, also known as asset swaps.

Basel, Riehenring
Investment amount approx. CHF 100m
Approx. 170 apartments and approx 5000 m2 commercial space

A “sale and rent back” arrangement involves a company selling an individual property or an entire real estate portfolio to the investor and then renting this “back” for itself via a conventional lease. This creates advantages for the seller such as

  • strategic flexibility
  • release of capital/liquidity
  • freedom to focus on core business areas

New construction  of a logistic center Emmen
Investment amount approx. CHF 37m
Approx. 26 000 m2 office and logistic space

The term “Private Public Partnership” refers to the mobilization of private capital and expert knowledge for the purpose of fulfilling governmental responsibilities. The goal is to provide government services in a way that is more economical over the long term and to optimize the performance of tasks normally allocated to the public sector.

Quartier de l’innovation de l’EPFL in Lausanne
Investment amount approx. CHF 142m
Five office buildings and two laboratory buildings