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UBS «Swissreal»

Picasso Center: Basel's new commercial property between the Kunstmuseum and Aeschenplatz

The bank and insurance district around Basel's Picassoplatz is to gain an exciting new building. The Picasso Center, housing a variety of large premises for offices and services, is all set to go up on the corner of Brunngässlein/Dufourstrasse over the next twelve months. Tenants should be able to move into the building at the beginning of 2007.

Picasso Platz

The real estate fund UBS «Swissreal», which owns office and commercial properties throughout Switzerland, is the investor in this new property. The Picasso Center, a modern, eight-storey commercial property for services, just under 30 metres high, will be in a prime location not far from the Kunstmuseum and Aeschenplatz. The imposing facade will consist of vertically structured steel and glass panels. This verticality will be echoed in architectural elements on the building's exterior. The Picasso Center will provide a total of 4,600 m2 of premises for services and 600 m2 of retail floorspace. There will also be 65 underground parking spaces.
The building features a generous main staircase which will offer two different entrances to the individual storeys. The space on the upper floors can be subdivided into two rental units with a shared service zone (toilets, cleaning materials room, emergency stairs). Rental units can be subdivided into individual offices or used as an open-plan office. It may also be used for other commercial purposes such as doctor's offices or physiotherapy.