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The «Parkside» complex

Excellent public transport links and the use of a car as and when you need one…
… these amenities are available to tenants at "Parkside", the new UBS "Sima" complex in North Zurich


The "Parkside" complex at Binzmühle-/Sophie Täuberstrasse in Zurich-Oerlikon stands in the midst of "green", park-like surroundings, yet is located in the centre of the city. Consequently, the public transport links are excellent, so a car is not an everyday necessity. At the same time, our partnership with Mobility means that it is quick and easy to hire a car when the occasional need arises. There are no less than three hire locations with a total of 16 vehicles in the immediate vicinity. A further location will be added soon. As a result, many residents of the new complex will not need to own a car. In addition, UBS "Sima" is offering a month's occupancy rent-free to all residents of the Parkside complex who sign a tenancy agreement before 30 June 2005. Visit for information on the apartments available in this exciting new complex.