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UBS «Anfos» holds new HEGIFELD residential property in Winterthur

HEGIFELD Winterthur

The HEGIFELD complex comprises two residential buildings and, with a budget of around CHF 30 million, constitutes a medium-sized project. It has an attractive location as the property is close to schools, a kindergarten and shops. An S-Bahn station within a few minutes' walking distance provides transportation connections to Winterthur and Zurich. In addition, a recreational park is planned in the immediate vicinity on the former Sulzer premises.

On 01 June 2006, craftsmen, representatives of the participating companies, the authorities and the city were all present at the topping-out ceremony. There has been reason to celebrate as construction not only stayed on schedule but actually finished early. This means that one of the buildings, which contains only apartments, will be ready for occupancy on 01 September, two months ahead of schedule. The second building, which has commercial space on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors, will be ready for rental on 01 November as planned.

Together the two buildings will offer 730 square metres of commercial space and 53 apartments. At the end of June, tenants had been found for more than half of the apartments. According to the latest trends, the smaller apartments (2½ and 3½ rooms) are witnessing particular interest from prospective tenants.

HEGIFELD was financed by UBS «Anfos», a real estate fund with properties worth a total of more than CHF 1.2 billion throughout German-speaking Switzerland.