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UBS (CH) Property Fund - Swiss Mixed «Sima»

Refurbished offices in the Flurhof/Zurich property belonging to UBS (CH) Property Fund - Swiss Mixed «Sima»


The Flurhof office building in Zurich-Altstetten has been let to UBS, which has located some of its IT services there. The 35-year-old property was in desperate need of renovation. The question was whether to renovate or build a new property to replace it. To find an optimum solution, a tender for a sole contractor was advertised. The Zurich-based general contractor Halter AG together with Stücheli Architects submitted a turn-key renovation concept which was very convincing in terms of architectural, functional and economic aspects, while also having considerable cost advantages over the new building option. By adding a floor across the entire length of the buildings, the existing building volume of around 92,000 m3 was increased to 147,000 m3. The building, just like new following the complete renovation, includes about 1,830 workstations and 177 parking spaces. It was a particular challenge to meet the tenant's need to ensure that certain individual areas could be used throughout the entire construction phase while others were being renovated. Following a construction period of around 28 months, all of the workstations were occupied on schedule in January 2007. The final work is currently being completed on the surrounding area and the terrace. This spacious complex with modern offices and compelling architecture has been built thanks to excellent cooperation between the planning team, tenant and owner.